Can You Overcome Your…

Welcome to Deep Fear. This adventure is a chance for children to become braver, learn about fear, and understand the Growth Mindset – but more importantly, to face their own fears first-hand. On this page you can find out all about the adventure, the core value we are teaching, and the inspirational people who are leading by example.

What is Deep Fear

This interactive adventure is all about challenging children to face their fears, and try new things. A fear could be anything from not wanting to speak out in class, to a crippling fear of failure, or just trying a new sport. Deep Fear is the epic story of a group of inspirational people, taking on a big challenge – going to the bottom of a deep dark scary cave – and learning to systematically overcome their fears along the way.

We call this adventure interactive because the children get to meet some of the participants in person, get daily video updates as the adventure unfolds, and get to correspond with the team from the cave site. As the team learns about overcoming fear and growth mindset, so do the children. To make it even more interactive, the team challenges the children to have their own (age appropriate) bravery missions, and report back to them on what they’ve learned – with prizes for the best.

Meet Nick Carter

Nick does a huge amount of work with young people and schools. He has scaled the highest mountains (including Everest), run across the hottest deserts, lived with some of the most remote tribes, and visited some of the coldest places on Earth. Nick’s passion is helping young people learn through experience, and motivating them to get out and get active. Nick doesn’t like enclosed places very much, but he wants to challenge himself to try something outside his comfort zone, and something that will teach him even more about being brave.

Meet Larissa Mei

As a police officer, Larissa is no stranger to dealing with challenging (and sometimes scary) situations at work, but facing fears in her private life is a different matter. Earlier this year she travelled to Asia for her first solo trip, which was daunting, but resulted in some brilliant experiences and memories, and most importantly new friends. Larissa is excited about demonstrating how fears (e.g falling from a great height!) can be managed and overcome with the right mix of support, determination and self belief.

Meet Sophie Peters

An experienced teacher, adventurer and world traveller, Sophie also works with teaching charities around the world to give children in developing countries the best start in life. Sophie has always pioneered adventure as a tool for change – now she’s agreed to put this idea to the ultimate test.

Video Assembly Before the Adventure (Summer 2019)

We generate a huge buzz when we go on an adventure because the way we do it is unique. We introduce ourselves and the adventure using a professional quality video. It explains what the adventure is all about, what makes it difficult, and how they will overcome these problems. Crucially, the team will also tell the children, through the video, about their own bravery missions. These personal missions are to be done in or out of school time, while the team are demonstrating bravery on a grand scale, and there will be great prizes for those who take part.

The Adventure Week (Summer 2019)

While the team are undertaking their big bravery adventure, an award winning film crew make sure the children can follow what they’re doing, as it happens. Each morning a high quality video, lasting around five to ten minutes, will show what the team learned that day. These videos are packed full of educational and inspirational content, designed to get the children thinking about how they can apply bravery at school and at home. The children also have the chance to interact with the story as it unfolds, and can ask the team questions via email or social media. Throughout this week the children are constantly reminded to focus on their own bravery missions.

In-Person Visit After the Adventure (Summer & Autumn 2019)

The energy when team members visit a school is palpable. The children are fully engaged, enthusiastic, and can’t wait to tell them about their own bravery missions, and what they learned. In this assembly one of the team members will talk about what they learned from the whole epic journey, and, much more importantly, this is the time for us all to celebrate the bravery missions the children undertook. Prizes, recognition and glory await any child who took the challenge to heart, and faced their fears in the process.

Charity Fundraising

The Committed Project helps children all across the UK. We make sure that children who are disenfranchised get a chance to be the best they can, and take part in amazing, and often life changing activities. The Deep Fear adventure is a way for us to raise money to continue our important work. By taking part in this adventure, you not only get a fantastic adventure and a chance for your children to learn and improve through adventurous experience, but also the knowledge that 100% of the money raised goes to a worthy cause that benefits other young people. You can donate directly from your school, organise a fundraising event (e.g. non-uniform day), or do a combination of the two – but we ask for a minimum donation to take part, and this must be with us before the adventure gets underway. Due to demand, if we have not received this minimum donation by the start of the adventure, we may give your space to a school on the waiting list.

If you would like to fully take part in the Deep Fear adventure, with a video assembly, high-quality daily adventure videos, children’s bravery missions, prizes and an in-person visit by one of the team, choose option 1. This option requires a £500 donation. If this is difficult for you (e.g. a small school or a school in a low-income area), please get in touch via email – NO DONATIONS ARE TAKEN AT THIS POINT.

Please tick this box to confirm that your school agrees to make the minimum donation of £500 to the Committed Project Charity before the end of the summer term, and that you have the authority to make this pledge

Want to target specific, harder to reach children or groups inside the school (e.g. pupil premium), as well as providing a wonderful learning experience to the school as a whole? On top of everything in option 1, Nick Carter will work with a hand-picked group within the school, using the adventure as a motivational tool to get the most out of more disengaged children. He will provide a workshop in which the group set their own personal fears, and explain why challenging yourself is so important. He will guide and support the group through the Deep Fear adventure via email and Skype calls, as it unfolds, and then come back afterwards to reward and highlight the group’s achievements. If you’d like this option we ask for the minimum donation as in option 1, as well as £300 that can either be invoiced through PPg / PE funding, or fundraised in any normal way. NO DONATIONS ARE TAKEN AT THIS POINT.

Please tick this box to confirm that your school agrees to make the minimum donation of £800 to the Committed Project Charity before the end of the summer term, and that you have the authority to make this pledge